Meet Byron and Kerry
Kerry & Byron

Christmas is almost upon us. What a year! Everyone I talk to says the same thing. Time is going too fast and even when you try to slow yourself down and do less it seems to make no difference!! So what's the answer?

We have had a great year. Many thanks to the people who have heard about us from others. Thank you to the others who have passed on their approval of Wrenbrook. We appreciate it so much. consequently we have met many new visitors and people who have been here have made new friends.

For those who haven't caught up on the news, Kerry has been Relieving Principal at Drake this year and it will now continue to first term next year. A whole new learning curve especially when it comes to Finance and learning a complete new system.

Byron and Stella continue to look after Wrenbrook!

It was so great to see one of our long term visitors a few days ago after four years of medical issues. Go Mustang Sally!

REMEMBER: WRENBROOK IS OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND - Winter at Wrenbrook is actually very pleasant! enjoy the heated spa - many days are sunny - it is cooler at night and in the morning but the fire gets a good work out plus we have patio heaters - close the kitchen off and we continue to enjoy our nudist lifestyle!

To all our friends who are recovering from illness or just feeling down our thoughts are with you.

Meanwhile people are coming and going and going and coming - lovely to meet some many people who also love this natural way of life

Enjoy your travels - stay safe - look forward to seeing many of you again in the future.

Remember bookings are essential


As you all know we love to welcome pets except cats due to our birdlife.

Unfortunately we had an incident where we now have to tighten our laise faire policy. Due to health regulations, pets especially dogs, are not permitted near the cooking area, the fridges feeding under the tables or on laps and around the tables where there is food as well as NO PETS in cabins.

We sincerely thank everyone who have had pets here who are very conscious and respectful of others at the camp.