Meet Byron and Kerry
Kerry & Byron

It is now almost October and the weather here is bordering on summer!

For those who travel here quite regularly you will notice some differences - once again thanks to the untireless efforts of Byron

it is very dry but we are lucky to have plenty of water if we use it sparingly. The heavens are going to open in the not too near distant future. We have factored that into things and purchased a new tank to take all that water that likes to flow onto the ground!


As you all know we love to welcome pets except cats due to our birdlife.

Unfortunately we had an incident where we now have to tighten our laise faire policy. Due to health regulations, pets especially dogs, are not permitted near the cooking area, the fridges or feeding under the tables.

We sincerely thank everyone who have had pets here who are very conscious and respectful of others at the camp.

Meanwhile people are coming and going and going and coming - lovely to meet some many people who also love this natural way of life

Enjoy your travels

We look forward to meeting everyone – remember bookings are essential