Meet Byron and Kerry
Kerry & Byron

Just looking at the photo on this page takes me back to when we first arrived at Wrenbrook Would you believe it is ten years ago! We are having a celebration on Saturday July 2 if you are in the area.

During that time so much has happened - grounds - buildings - cabins - a wonderful increase in visitors. WE are looking forward to when we see our overseas visitors once more

Meanwhile continue to travel safely and enjoy our naturist way of life.

Remember bookings are essential


As you all know we love to welcome pets except cats due to our birdlife.

Unfortunately we had an incident where we now have to tighten our laise faire policy. Due to health regulations, pets especially dogs, are not permitted near the cooking area, the fridges feeding under the tables or on laps and around the tables where there is food as well as NO PETS in cabins.

We sincerely thank everyone who have had pets here who are very conscious and respectful of others at the camp.